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L'universitaire américaine Yhsla Jones interviewe
Tassou pour sa thèse The art of mosaic "

How did you begin making sculptures?

At the very beginning when I was invited by friends for dinner I used to bring a bottle filled with microchips and claim that this bottle had more computing power than any computer on earth... my friends then started to look at it as if it was a piece of artwork... that was in 1994 and since then I went on...

Do you consider your art to be a form of mosaic (your profile has you listed as a sculptor)?

There are three types of sculpture. Carving (wood, marble...), moulding (bronze, ceramic...) and assembling. Just as mosaic, Cybertrash is of the third type.

There are some people who would consider modern mosaics to be "Arts and Crafts" rather than "High Art" or "Fine Art". Would you agree with this line of thinking, or not?

Creating is making something which doesn't exist. This terminological hierarchy coming from marketing is superficial and useless. There are creators and followers... period.

What kind of inspirations do you have for your pieces? Do you begin with a specific concept in mind, a specific schematic, or do you use another process?

By collecting materials I reach the critical masses that allow for making such piece in such size. I have in my mind a whole virtual catalogue of hundreds of pieces I could make. I'll never have enough time to build them all...

Do you prefer to work with random abstract patterns, or do you base your patterns on a specific shape?

Pieces including well-known objects (guitare, phone, turntable...) sell well. I have to make some quite regularly because galleries ask for them. Abstract pieces are much more fulfilling.

What other artists, if any, have you been influenced by?

I feed my inspiration with contemporary art as well as architecture, haute couture or jewelry...

Are there any books you have been influenced by, any specific art forms?

2001 a space odyssey and Mad Max

Is there a specific area of art you would consider your sculptural style to be a part of? If so, why? If not, would you consider your sculptural style to be a new form, or would you even want to influence other artists in such a direct fashion?

I follow the path of "arte povera"... Base material comes for free, it's a kind of trash... Cybertrash is my style... I wish it could become a current

When selecting materials for your sculptures, what kinds of things do you consider? Color, size, shape, texture? Do you collect things randomly, or specifically for each piece you are working on?

When unsetting the machines I sort the components by shape and color until I reach the critical mass. My creations depend on what I manage to collect. I am always on the look out for a new source of supply. I buy some objects such as guitars, cameras and turntables at car boot sales.

What gluing or sealing techniques do you use on your pieces? Do you have to make special accommodations due to the smooth and cylindrical shapes you sometimes work with?

I use neoprene gel in 50ml tubes. That's all.

Why is it your predominant materials are scrap electronics equipment? Is there a particular theme you want to show in the entirety of your work by using these materials?

At the scale of the history of mankind and considering its past end present use, the invention of electronics can be compared to the discovery of fire. The most remarkable feature of tomorrow's electronics is that it will be invisible. That's why we must do all the memory work during the visiblity period which coincides with my presence here.

What other materials have you used in past mosaics, if different from scrap electronics equipment?

It's the only material I have ever taken interest in.

What kind of support frameworks do you often use within your sculptures?

I use Wood

Several of your pieces have a totem-like shape and, in one case, the word 'totem' as part of the title. Are you meaning any religious or spiritual reference with these forms and titles? If so, why? If not, how would you respond when some of your viewers interpret the pieces as such?

I use totem because statue refers to academic art. I make wall sculptures and totems. Watchers often receive esoteric messages... I might have something to do with this...

One of your more recent posted works is the 'Cybertrash Comics' series by a friend of your (Sergio). What gave him the idea to work in a two-dimensional medium? Would you consider the comics to be a form of mosaic art, or more a form of design work? Was this a collaborative effort? Some of the images used in the comic are your own. Did you make all the sculptures used in the comic?

[sergio] I've always worked in 2D, most probably because I can't see in 3D. I like drawing and painting. To me these comics are clearly not mosaic art. I create them using many layers in a graphical software suite - I don't tile but I stack up. Every single texture or character in the comics comes form a picture of Tassou's artwork, but I don't know if this can be considered collaborative work since I don't try to influence Tassou's work to get more or better material for my comics and he doesn't try to influence the scenario or the layout of the comics. See it as a tribute to Tassou's art.